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OMEC Auto Glass serving Folsom, CA

Car Glass and Rock Chip Repairs

Remember the day your new car of only month was sitting in your driveway, glimmering from the wax job? You felt so proud of your new vehicle. Then all of a sudden the neighbor’s kid hit a home run with a baseball slamming into your windshield.

Now you have a big crack where on the driver’s side. Accidents happen, it could be many things that put a chip or crack in the windshield. That's why it is nice to know you have a neighborhood reputable company that fixes windshields. OMEC Auto Glass, a well-known business since 1972. Older than the kid that cracked your windshield!

They use high quality glass for your automotive glass replacement. Mostly they use the Pilkington brand. A master certified tech of over 20 years of experience in adhesive brands, will do the work on site or send over a mobile auto glass repair unit to your location. The installation of the auto glass doesn't take long at all, so you can drive your car away with a smile on your face.    

Regardless if you need a windshield replacement or auto glass repair, the auto glass shop will accommodate you. The mobile auto glass repair has all the equipment and tools available for a windshield repair another auto glass service may not.

Car glass may only need a chip repair. They use flat glass on a car glass repair. Automotive glass repair from tinting leaks by other shops are done as well.

The glass shop services trucks, heavy equipment, custom and classic cars. They troubleshoot window mechanical problems including the newer electronic windows.  All the work is done to meet industry standards for safety and structural integrity.

Only quality workmanship goes into all their work. It's nice to know you can have any type of vehicle worked on close to where you live and know the job is done right.

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