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Mobile Auto Glass and Chip Repair in Rancho Cordova, California

I think most of us have driven behind a truck on the highway that suddenly kicks up debris hitting our windshields. Occasionally you have a dump truck with an unsecured load, where an item flies out and hits your car glass. Objects hitting your windshield can cause a chip or crack. It may look small, unfortunately left untouched cracks grow and chips become cracks.

This can become dangerous to drive under these conditions. Auto glass has been known to suddenly break apart sending shards everywhere. In some states you can even receive a citation if caught driving with a cracked windshield. Don't wait for the inevitable to happen seek a professional auto glass service.

OMEC Auto Glass can dispatch a mobile auto glass repair unit to your location to access the damage. As an auto glass shop in business since 1972, a certified master tech can provide professional auto glass repair. The tech will be able to determine if windshield replacement is necessary or a windshield repair can fix the windshield.

Mobile auto glass can be installed in a short period of time. If it is small enough the tech may opt for just a chip repair filling the missing glass with cut glass. A good thing is that your auto insurance may cover auto glass replacement. In some states all windshield coverage is automatically added to your policy.

Car glass repair can also fix your cracks or chips to the door or rear windows. Automotive glass repair can make sure you have clear vision while driving especially night driving since the street lighting does not have uniform standards.

On well lite streets your visibility is great while others the lighting is so poor you can't read the road signs. Don't forget a small crack can also lead to leakage inside your vehicle. You want to avoid moisture inside the vehicle that can lead to mold over time.

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